Service Options
Our experienced team of service experts ensures our residential and commercial customers have well-maintained equipment that is operating with the best possible energy efficiency.

When emergencies happen, we are here 24/7 for emergency repairs.

Our Service Department’s number one goal is to keep you happy and warm all year round. We have a Service Technician on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to ensure that you’re never left in the cold.

Equipment Service Plans

Choose one of our Service Plans to help maintain your heating equipment and safeguard you from costly repairs.

Kenmac Energy’s professional service team will keep your heating system working at maximum efficiency – saving you money on heating and extending the life of your equipment.

Annual Heating Equipment Tune-Up

from $149

Professional cleaning of furnace or boiler
Replacement of nozzle and filter
Combustion test and adjustments to optimize efficiency
24/7 emergency service

Parts Protection and Service Plan


Includes annual heating service
$150 per parts including labour per visit
$100 off replacement of oil tank
24/7 emergency service

Premium Parts Protection + Service Plan


Includes parts protection and service plan
Includes annual heating service
Additional coverage on zone valves and circulators
$150 per parts including labour per visit
$100 off replacement of oil tank
24/7 emergency service


  • Inspect and clean burner and ignition assembly, replace nozzle
  • Inspect transformer and connections
  • Inspect fuel pump and replace filter
  • Cleaning the heating surfaces of the home heating equipment
  • Cleaning the flue gas passageways to the chimney and cleaning
  • Tuning and adjusting the oil burner and controls/efficiency test
  • Conditioning will be performed during the normal workweek and normal working hours of the company

Parts Protection & Service Plan Coverage

Fill and vent pipe assembly
Vent alarm
Float type fuel gauge
Oil line (exposed)
Oil filter
Fuel pump and coupling
Ignition transformer
Burner housing
Burner motor (max. $85 installed)
Burner airgate
Burner fan
One standard interior fuel storage tank***
Air circulating single-speed fan motor
Draft regulator
Fan control
Low limit control
Surface aquastat or airstat
Standard thermostat*
Blast tube/End cones
Pressure relief valve
Pressure reducing valve
Triple aquastat
Combustion chamber**
Block vent switch
*limit one per living area
**maximum allowance of $50 installed
***maximum allowance of $50 installed for outside tank and $100 installed for inside tank

Premium Parts Protection & Service Plan

(additional Parts Coverage)

Circulating pumps
Zone valves
Expansion Tanks
Auto air vent
If Kenmac Energy is unable to repair or provide parts and components for the furnace through obsolescence, Kenmac Energy will allow a $100 credit towards the purchase of a new heating appliance if required. Plan covers replacement parts of one per year.

Our knowledgeable Sales team can assist you from sales to installation to service.

Rick MacLeod

Sales Representative
Email Rick
Phone: 902-566-2295

Duane Richards

Service Manager
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Phone: 902-566-2295

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