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Furnace Oil

Kenmac Energy has been servicing Islanders with Petro-Canada petroleum products for over 30 years. You can be assured of prompt, competitive, honest, reliable and friendly service.

The price for Furnace Oil is set by the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission (IRAC), and has the ability to change twice every month. It is important to note that your price paid per liter will be the posted price at the time of delivery.

Kenmac Energy also offers a high grade of Furnace Oil called Thermaclean. Thermaclean is a high grade, high efficiency oil provided by Petro-Canada that has been extremely popular in Europe since the 1990s. Thermaclean will provide:

  • A more environmentally friendly option for Furnace Oil, as less pollutants are released
  • A anti-corrosive agent that will help protect any heating system for years to come
  • A clean burning agent that can reduce fuel consumption


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