Service Plans

Kenmac Energy has a furnace protection plan for domestic oil customers that we consider great value for our customers as the plan includes a year cleaning valued at $85.

Kenmac Energy has a service department to look after all your heating/propane needs. Our service department consists of all Kenmac Energy employees who will not take your business for granted. Our 24-hour emergency services will ensure you are always only a phone call away from us restoring your heating system.

Our knowledgeable staff can size and install the right heating equipment to replace or upgrade your personal system. Depending on the boiler you choose, it can represent upwards of a 30% savings on your yearly fuel consumption.

Furnace Protection Plan Includes:

Emergency Service – Our 24-hour emergency heating service, knowledgeable and friendly staff are available should you experience any problems with your heating system.

Parts Replacement – Kenmac Energy shall replace and install any of the following parts, as they become defective through normal use (Not to exceed $150 per service call.)

  • Fill & vent pipe assembly, (black iron only) including vent alarm
  • One standard interior fuel oil storage tank (maximum allowance of $50.00 installed for outside tank and $100.00 installed for inside tank)
  • Float type fuel gauge
  • Oil line (exposed)
  • Oil filter
  • Fuel pump and coupling
  • Nozzle
  • Ignition transformer
  • Ignition assembly
  • Burner housing
  • Burner motor (max. $85 installed)
  • Burner fan
  • Draft regulator
  • Air-circulating single-speed fan motor
  • Fan
  • Fan control
  • Low limit control
  • Surface aquastat or airstat
  • Primary control
  • Standard low-voltage heat-control thermostat
  • Blast tube / End cones
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Water feeder
  • Triple Aquastat
  • (Any of the above once a year)

Regular Maintenance – This consists of cleaning the surfaces of the home heating equipment, cleaning the flu gas passageways to the chimney, tuning and adjusting the oil burner to ensure maximum efficiency.

Kenmac Energy offers convenient pre-authorized payment plans. You have the choice between our ten- and twelve-month budget plan. We simply average your previous years consumption and divide that amount by the number of months you choose to determine your monthly payments. This amount will then be withdrawn from your account each month.

The Comprehensive Service & Parts Protection Plan can also be added to your budget plan.

Budget payment plan

Kenmac Energy has an added security in the form of a budget payment plan for residential accounts.

No interest.

No extra cost to you.

Spread your winter fuel costs over 10 or 12 months.