Helpful Hints

If Your Furnace Won’t Start:

  1. Make sure your thermostat is set above room temperature, by a few degrees. Example: 30C (85F). If the thermostat has heat and cool settings, make sure the thermostat is set for heat.
  2. Check thermostat batteries (if applicable)
  3. Make sure the furnace switch and the breaker is in the “on” position. (The furnace switch is usually located on the wall at the stairs going down to the basement or at the door entering the furnace room. The furnace breaker is located at the main panel of your home. The furnace fuse may need to be replaced or the circuit breaker may need to be reset.)
  4. Push reset button switch once only. (This is located on the smoke pipe or front of furnace.)
  5. Push reset button on the burner motor. (This would be a red button located in the front or side of motor.)
  6. Check oil supply and make sure valve is open.

If your furnace still will not start or continue to run, please call the friendly staff at Kenmac Energy for prompt, reliable service 24 hours a day.

Phone: (902) 566-2295
Fax: (902)566-5740

Basic Oil Tank Maintenance Steps

  1. Have your oil tank inspected annually by one of our qualified technicians.
  2. Change the filter twice a year.
  3. For both indoor and outdoor tanks, keep debris clear so you can see under the tank and easily detect any leaks.
  4. Make sure your outdoor tank is on a concrete base.
  5. Don’t forget about your oil tank. Just like your car, it needs regular maintenance.

Click here for more information on Kenmac Energy’s oil storage tanks.