Fuel Oil Delivery

Kenmac Energy has been servicing Islanders with Petro-Canada petroleum products for 28 years. You can be assured of prompt, competitive, honest, reliable and friendly service.

Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission sets the posted price of propane and furnace oil on P.E.I. and based on the crude oil price they will make monthly adjustments to reflect the posted price at time and date of delivery. On occasion they will make mid month changes as well.

For customers who wish to be included in our worry-free automatic deliveries, there is more information below that will help you understand how we calculate and keep track of your fuel consumption.


A Degree Day is a unit of temperature. By calculating the Degree Days, and keeping track of the results, Kenmac Energy is able to calculate when it is time to deliver oil to your home.

This is how it works:

Each day during the heating season, Kenmac Energy calculates the average outside temperature and subtracts it from 18°C (65°F), the temperature at which the average heating system will come on to maintain the warmth in your house.

For example: If today’s high temperature is 15°C and the low is 11°C, the average will simply be 13°C. Subtract from 18°C, this leaves 5°C or 5 Degree Days.

By keeping track of the “Degree Days”, we can in-turn, predict the optimal delivery date that is required to always keep you warm and comfortable whatever size your home may be.

The accuracy of automatic fuel delivery depends on a concise calculation of your fuel use in relation to the weather. If you supplement your oil heat with another heat source such as a wood stove, or simply turn down your thermostat while you are on vacation, we will adjust to your lower oil consumption upon notice. When you return or when you stop using the secondary heat source, your oil consumption rate will increase. This is why it is very important to notify us upon your return and/or change of your supplement heat, to ensure accurate and efficient delivery of your heating oil.

To save even more on your heating costs with Kenmac Energy we will give you a reduced rate on both products when you bundle them with us.

Please call our office for more details: 902-566-2295.


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